The PROMIS29 Questionnaire

The Health Assessment Questionnaire

The PROMIS29 questionnaire serves as a unified assessment system for patients' physical, mental and social health. In this article you will learn what it is necessary for. in diesem Artikel

Today's research lives on studies - scientific progress is only possible if the results of these studies are meaningful and comparable. However, it is not that easy to achieve comparable results. Many studies use their own evaluation systems, in which the study participants have to evaluate their own condition, their symptoms and also various other characteristics. But if different studies also use different assessment systems, where are these studies still comparable?

This is exactly where the PROMIS initiative (PROMIS = Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) comes in: a standardised, uniform system for assessing patient reports, the so-called Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). This enables the physical, mental and social health of patients to be assessed in a comparable way - a major advance for medical research! This uniform assessment system can be used in studies as well as in the context of medical diagnosis.
The PROMIS29 questionnaire contains 29 questions on the topic of quality of life: among other things, physical performance or pain, but also depression and anxiety are examined.1 The PROMIS29 questionnaire is available in MedWatcher. This way, your physical, mental and social health can be evaluated and compared with other MedWatcher users in an anonymous form. In addition, all the topics covered by this questionnaire are dealt with in more detail in interesting, up-to-date advice articles.

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